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Update MT2IQ Bot from V1.0 to V1.1
MT2IQ Bot is a bot that connects and sends order signals from MT4 to IQ Option.
Due to limitations in the previous version, 
there were issues with sending signals within the first 0-21 seconds 
and inability to open multiple orders simultaneously. 
Additionally, there were some program errors that needed improvement.
Therefore, the bot has been updated to V1.1.
Pricing: 200 Baht per month (6 BUSD)
You can order and download the bot for testing on demo accounts.
How to order
Register and log in to your member account to place an order.
Features of the Bot:
1. Sends order signals from MT4 to IQ Option.
2. Compatible with 64-bit Windows systems.
3. Supports demo account testing.
4. Can be used with any MT4 broker (Unlock).
5. Not compatible with OTC markets.
6. Includes a capital management system - can increase the order amount for the next trade based on profit or loss (Trade Mode = 1).
7. Supports rapid order execution (Multi order) when using Trade Mode = 0 (V1.1).
8. No longer limited to the 0-21 seconds timeframe, allowing trading for more than 1 minute without issues (V1.1).

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