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How to configure the MT2IQ.ini file and Start MT2IQ Bot
"I have explained some additional settings from before. You can watch them in the video link below."
"The text below is the message that I wrote in the video linked above."
"After downloading and extracting the file, 
you will find 3 folders: MT2IQ Install Guide, MQL4, and MT2IQ. 
For instructions on how to use it, 
you can refer to the MT2IQ Install Guide folder."
"Today, I will explain the contents of the MT2IQ folder, 
which consists of two files: the Bot file (MT2IQ.exe) and the configuration file (MT2IQ.ini)."
"I have separated some of the configuration explanations on the website mt2iq.whilecode.com. 
You can access the article page to view them. Most of the explanations are in video format, 
similar to what I am doing right now."
Username =  your emil iq option 
Password=  your pass word iq option
AccountType= 1   //  1 = Demo account  2.Real account
TradeMode = 1
"Trade Mode is divided into two modes: Mode 0 = Multi order and Mode 1 = Single order."
- "In Multi order Mode, 
    orders can be placed simultaneously without waiting for the outcome of previous trades. 
    However, it cannot be used in the Strategy section."
- "In Single order Mode, 
    orders are placed one at a time, waiting for the outcome of each trade. 
   The results are displayed on the Bot's interface, and it can be used in the Strategy section."
Bet= 1  Bet Amount at which the Bot stops working if profits reach the set value.
Profit= 5  Profit" is the amount at which the Bot stops working if profits reach the set value. // Single mode only 
Stoploss= 3  Stoploss" is amount at which the Bot stops working if losses reach the set value. // Single mode only  
Strategy section.
"I have created articles and videos explaining the configuration in the Strategy section. 
You can access and watch them. 
I won't explain in this video. 
If you use Multi mode, you don't need to configure anything in this section. 
Similarly, if you use Single mode and trade consistently,
 there is no need to adjust settings in this section."
Time trade setting.Default Local time.(Hour) # Time end  (11 means that : 11:00 - 11:59)
"Line Token 
is used to send work notifications through Line Notify, which is a chat application. 
If you don't use it, you can enter 0 (zero) in the field."
"After configuring everything,
 you need to click on 'Save' in the menu.
 If you have successfully installed it in the MT4 section, you can start using the Bot."

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